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"No matter your age we have treatments that can visibly enhance your natural appearance and help restore that self confidence"

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Phenotype is a skin clinic in Eltham, Victoria specialising in anti-ageing treatments like botox, anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers


Phenotype Cosmetic Group is a Doctor-led cosmetic procedure clinic offering a range of treatments for the face & body to help you look your best.  

We attract clients from all over North-East Melbourne who desire compliment-worthy results, that look natural. 

No two faces are the same, so we welcome your booking a no-obligation consultation to see what's possible, and we can discuss your bespoke treatment.

Find out which exciting technology or treatment we can use to help you roll back the years and enhance your natural beauty.

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Whether you seek changes to shape, texture or tightness, we have the technology, and the treatments, to contour all bodies.

Phenotype Cosmetic Group is a cosmetic procedure clinic offering a range of body contouring treatments to help you look great in your undies!

We use the latest medical grade technology, backed by evidence-based research, to help our clients achieve noticeable results.

We can tighten skin, freeze fat, reduce scars, change shapes and help you love your reflection. Contact us for a completely free, no obligation, 1-on-1 with our friendly body experts.



[fe-nuh-tahyp] noun

The appearance of an individual from the interaction of their genes and the environment.

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