After Care Instructions

Face Treatments

Anti wrinkle:

  • No touching, massaging, rubbing of the treated areas for 4 hours, this includes lying down which may cause you to fall asleep and push on the areas treated;

  • No alcohol for 24 hrs - anti wrinkle products generally don’t like alcohol;

  • You may perform your regular home face care rituals the night of your anti wrinkle treatment, but please be gentle and don’t rub or massage excessively;

  • Light mineral makeup may be applied immediately after anti wrinkle treatment, but with a clean applicator. Thick makeup should be avoided and use of old, uncleaned makeup brushes etc should also be avoided;

  • You may move/express the areas of your face which have been treated as normal;

  • Exercise should be avoided for 24 hrs post anti wrinkle treatment;

  • Should you have any redness, swelling or indeed any causes for concern, please call us on 94393562.

  • Results are generally kicking in at 2-3 days, but maximally at 1-2 weeks. Anti wrinkle CAN start off uneven, but after 1-2 weeks spreads out. Your treatment should last around the 3 month mark, ideally. Some areas last longer, but others a little less depending on the dose we use.

Dermal Filler:

  • Unless instructed by your doctor, please do not rub, massage or touch the areas treated for at least 48 hrs;

  • For 72 hrs, please avoid sleeping in such a manner that may put pressure on an area that has had filler placed, eg. try and avoid side-sleeping if you’ve had filler placed in your cheeks;

  • you may perform your usual home face care ritual the night of a filler treatment, but please be gentle and avoid excessive rubbing or massaging;

  • Avoid alcohol for 48 hrs after a filler treatment as alcohol can make bruising worse;

  • Bruising, redness, swelling and tenderness are all very normal for the first 5-7 days after a filler treatment. A judgement about the final position of the filler can only be made once all tenderness and swelling has disappeared. This can take up to 2-3 weeks;

  • Please call the clinic immediately if you notice increasing pain, skin changes that are not bruising or any other concerning symptoms or signs;

  • No strenuous exercise for 72 hrs after a filler treatment;

  • Please avoid makeup to the areas as much as possible. If makeup is required, use light mineral makeup and please use a clean applicator brush;

  • Hand hygiene is important when you are handling the treated areas.

Face Peels/Dermasweep/Collagen Induction therapy (needling)

  • Your skin may be dry and flaky after a face peel. We recommend regular moisturising with K-ceutic cream as this will help increase hydration and reduce redness;

  • Redness can be a side effect that can up to 24 hrs;

  • Please remember not to use active ingredient skin care (Vitamin A, B C, AHA) until your skin returns to normal;

  • Please always use sunscreen, in winter as well;

  • Please always remember to wash your hands before handling your face;

  • Have a fresh pillowcase to sleep on the night of your treatment;

  • Try and keep your hair off your face wherever possible;

  • Use the alcohol swabs to clean your eye wear before wearing them;

  • We recommend staying hydrated after your treatment.

Skin Care

  • All of Phenotype skin care ranges are practitioner-only, meaning they are usually reserved for practices in which a doctor works. It also means these products contain higher concentrations of quality active ingredients, and should only be used as directed;

  • We suggest starting slowly with active skin care products (eg. Retinol or vitamin A), specifically using it every second or third day and building up to every day.;

  • Some clients can develop redness, irritation, break-outs from new skin care. This can all be normal, and all we suggest is stopping the product and introducing it more slowly. Your skin will eventually get used to it, and you may use it daily thereafter;

  • The owners and staff at Phenotype all use these products ourselves, and we prescribe them to our families. We would never give our clients a product we wouldn’t use ourselves. If you have any questions or concerns, we are always here to help;

  • Please always use sunscreen, even in winter time.

Body Treatments

Fat Freezing

  • In the days following a treatment, the area may ache and feel bruised. This aching, as well as redness, bruising, swelling tenderness, itchiness, skin sensitivity and tingling, can last 1-2 weeks;

  • The skin may feel numb, which can last several weeks but gradually resolves;

  • For 1 in 20 clients, there is a strong cramping pain or shooting pain, which can occur up to 2 weeks after treatment. Generally this is tolerated without pain relief, however you may use compression garments if you have them and cool packs in the evening.

  • If an area is treated more than once, sometimes the subsequent treatments can be a little more uncomfortable than the first. This is normal;

  • Avoid exercise that may cause pain or discomfort after a fat freezing treatment;

  • You may eat and drink normally after a treatment, and there is minimal if any down time.