Ageing – an ethical dilemma

As I grow older many opinions enrage me

But the most maddening subject of all must be ageing

Numerous theories abound on this topic

Such as how to accept it, or slow it or stop it

Currently, there exists a camp on each side

Of what many would claim is a moral divide


“Blemishes are natural, let us worship the pimple!”


“I want to look younger, please erase this big wrinkle!”

The ‘natural’ half resent cosmetic advancements

And resist the temptations of beauty enhancements

They nobly state that a crumpling face

Must be accepted and done so with grace!

But for aeons us humans have fought the good fight

With hair dye, foundation, and flattering lights

We’ve shaved, and we’ve curled, we’ve primped and we’ve squished

Our hair, our skin and our squashy fat bits

Why are facials ok but lasers are cheating?

Is dieting better than the ease of fat freezing?

If we use fillers to tighten the skin near our eyes

Is this so different from foundation’s disguise?

And yet now that science has refined all these tools

The natural side says, “Resist it, you fools!”

Claiming it’s fakery, plastic, extreme

Whilst gaily applying their makeup and creams

I think arguing about what’s ‘natural’ or ‘fake’

Is a real waste of time, when our looks are at stake!

It’s unfair to label cosmetics unnatural and wrong

When people have resisted ageing for so long

Thanks to science our weapons are stronger

Laser, and filler, and tox last longer

We can arrest our wrinkles and freeze our fat

And actually halt ageing’s brutal attack!

So let us not flinch from our reflection in fright

Do not hide in the shadows and recoil from bright lights!

Help is at hand to fight the good fight

In the form of the doctors at Phenotype!