Why your skincare routine is not working

Why is your skin so important?

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It is often forgotten about in the bigger picture of health. It is one of our body’s first responders to environmental pollution, UV exposure and trauma. If left untreated these pollutants can cause us to feel unhappy with how our skin looks and feels.

Everyone’s skin is unique. Each skin type requires a different skin care treatment to keep it healthy and balanced. It can be easy to 'google' for advice but often expert advice in a consultation is what you need to get a great result. Without expert advice, we can often mask the symptoms and make them worse. For example acne sufferers will experience breakouts and congestion. Quite often the assumption is to reduce the oil, exfoliate and strip, strip, strip. This appears to help in the short term but the problem is likely to persist. To treat acne, it is important to understand the underlying cause to get long term results.

Stripping your skin will damage the skin's natural moisture barrier. This also affects our microbiome and skin cells. Over-exfoliating can often cause dehydration, dryness, redness, inflammation, and sensitivity. This can also assist in allowing unhealthy bacteria to enter the body. Sometimes this advice may come from a friend who got positive results. As all skin types are unique, what worked for them, may not work for you. Masking the symptoms does not treat the cause. We need to address these concerns, like acne and rosacea, using a wholistic approach. It will be problematic getting great results with a random selection of products.

How you can boost your skin’s health and protect one of your biggest assets.

Using good skin care from a young age is a great start. Vital routines include cleansing, correct exfoliation, moisturising and applying SPF. Taking your skin to the next level requires regular application of topical vitamins and antioxidants.

Last of all, regular clinical treatments will help keep your skin healthy. In house treatments will increase absorption of skin products, all while promoting collagen to prevent ageing.

At Phenotype, we can help you find the right skin care products and recommend in house treatments that will get results for your unique skin type.

At Phenotype, we offer expert advice to keep your skin strong and healthy. Whether you have a condition like rosacea or acne, or you want to look fresher, our expert staff will get results. Don’t get trapped in a cycle of random products and poor skin health. Book a free in house expert consultation with Kate or Skye today.

We will be posting more blogs soon to help you learn more about specific skin concerns, treatments, and skin care so stay tuned. Kate and Skye x