Advertising Restrictions

This is a difficult area that needs clarification, especially for clients who are trying to do their homework and compare services between clinics. 

Because Tina and myself are doctors, we are governed by strict rules about what we can say about treatments we offer. Our governing body, AHPRA, together with the TGA determine what we are allowed to advertise. 

In Australia, and unlike the US, no drug company is allowed to advertise ANY of their prescription only medications. In the US, every second ad on TV is a drug company ad, but this is against the law in Australia. 

In the cosmetic industry, anti wrinkle and dermal filler products are prescription only medications and they require a doctor to prescribe them. This is why nurses who perform these treatments have to have a doctor either on site or available via skype to obtain this script before a treatment can commence. 

In Australia, because of the strict rules about advertising prescription medications, we cannot use the actual names of the products we provide. If you see any clinics using the trade names of the products they use, please know this is against the law and those clinics can get in to some real trouble for doing it. 

Additionally, we are not allowed to advertise testimonials from our clients. This is really unfortunate because a lot of people rely on the testimonials of others about a service. AHPRA consider this an “inducement” to have a treatment and it is not allowed. So, at Phenotype we don’t have testimonials on our  website, not because our clients aren’t happy, but because it’s simply against the law. 

Most of our other treatments are able to be advertised, but rest assured we would never make a claim about a treatment without there being evidence for it. 

We are doctors first and foremost and we take our role as information providers very seriously. 

We are here to help and welcome your coming in to have a chat.

See you soon!

Dr Paul

Dr Paul Robinson