Face Peels and Facials

Our Dermaceutic and Synergie ranges of medical-grade peels and medi-facials are simply incredible. We can assist with all types of skin and our treatments contain ingredients that will stimulate the skin and help eliminate pigment and redness.

We have everything from retinol pigment peels, to the Mela peel which is our gold standard pigment peel. However if your skin needs a more soothing treatment, our Synergie Bioalgenate mask and LED facial would be ideal.

Below is a selection of our facial and peel treatments. Our in-house, expert Dermal Clinician, would be only too happy to answer any of your questions regarding which treatment is appropriate for you.


Medical-grade Peels
Cosmopeel (TCA) - $220                                              Melapeel - $260

Skin Peel: 
Individual treatment - $120
4 sessions - $399

Peel & Mask:
Individual treatment - $150
4 sessions - $499

Enzyme Hydropeel - entry level peel for all skin types - $99


Cellular Repair Medifacial for dry skin - $129

Retinol Enzyme Medifacial for refining all skin types - $119

Barrier Repair Medifacial for inflamed, reddened sensitised skin - $109

Advanced Anti-aging Medifacial for premature signs of aging - $159

LED facial with rejuvenating Algae (bioalgenate) mask for all skin types - Such a beautifully relaxing facial - $149

** Packages of all facials and peels attract a discounted price per treatment, please ask about our packages.

Procedure time
30-45 minutes

Recommended Plan
3 peels total, one every 4 weeks

Time for results
Best results are seen after the third peel

Downtime / aftercare
Some mild redness and/or dryness for 3 - 5 days

Procedure time

Recommended Plan
Once every 2-4 weeks

Time for Results
Can be immediate for Biolagenate mask, others after third facial

Some dryness for the retinol mask, but only for 2-3 days