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Fat Freezing / Cryolipolysis

Phenotype Cosmetic Group have an exciting option to help clients wishing to lose those stubborn areas of fat deposits on the body. We use the class-leading Cooltech™ Cryolipolysis system to literally freeze the fat away.

Fat freezing treatments are ideal for those clients who have stubborn areas that just won't budge with diet and exercise. Regardless of how much you have to grab, cryolipolysis can be effective to remove 20 - 30% of the fat cells in the target area - which can include thighs, hips, tummy, arms, bra bulges, love handles, muffin top and under the chin.

The freezing process causes programmed cell death of the adipocyte cells that store fat. Over the weeks following treatment, the fat cells are broken down by the immune system and removed from the body. 

For the purposes of treatment booking, we refer to one applicator for a single area. We can apply up to four applicators in one session. The pricing is per applicator. To know how many sessions you require book for a FREE CONSULTAION.

1 applicator - $500
2 applicators - $900
3 applicators - $1300
4 applicators - $1600

Procedure time
Treatments typically take around 70 minutes

Recommended plan
For best results, leave 2 months between treating the same area.

Results are generally first noticed at 6 weeks, however it may take up to 12 weeks for the full benefit. Benefits often continue after 12 weeks.

Downtime / aftercare
There is no downtime and only minimal discomfort. Very mild bruising or redness may occur.




1. What is Cooltech cryolipolysis and how does it work?

Cooltech™ is the name of the machine we use for cryolipolysis, the medical treatment for freezing and destroying fat cells. The Cooltech™ system cools fat cells to temperatures that cause fat cell death. This results in 20- 30% of the fat being removed from the treated area, per treatment. In the weeks that follow treatment, as the fat cells die, they are safely removed by your body's natural immune cells (white cells).

The device suctions to draw the target area in to an applicator/treatment head and cools the area to the desired treatment temperature for maximum fat reduction.

2. What will happen during the Cooltech treatment?

Kate or Skye our therapists will mark the areas of fat to be treated on your body while you are upright. We have a specialised treatment chair for fat freezing treatments. Clients also receive a treat bag to enjoy while they have their treatment. Once you are comfortably settled in to the treatment positions, a cool gel pad will be applied to the area being treated to ensure complete protection of the skin from damage.

The hand-piece will be placed on the area to be treated and you will feel some tightness caused by the vacuum pressure and some localised cooling as the fat pocket is drawn up in to the cup of the hand-piece. This feeling will reduce over the next 10 minutes after the treatment causes the area to feel numb.

When the applicator is removed, the treated areas will feel cold and firm. A 2 minute after- treatment massage of the areas will help restore the frozen fat layer back to normal and will also assist in optimising your results.

The treated area may remain tender and there may be some slight intermittent tingling or numbness for up to 4 weeks or possibly more after the treatment. This is a normal and an expected part of the treatment process.

3. How does the Cooltech treatment feel?

The treatment is usually well tolerated. The procedure allows the patient to return to normal activities immediately since it is not a surgical procedure and is a non-invasive treatment. Some patients experience some mild discomfort as the suction starts, or during the massage post treatment.

4. What areas can be treated?

Body areas that can be treated include the stomach area, ‘love handles’, hips, inner and outer thighs, back, waist, below the buttocks, arms, just above the knees and even under the chin. In a single session, two applicators can be applied at the same time, saving you time and ensuring maximum results in each session. We can place up to 4 treatment heads on the body during a single treatment if you so desire.

5. How many treatments will I need?

Usually 1-2 sessions in the same area, 10 - 12 weeks apart. In your consultation you will be advised how many treatments you need in each area to obtain optimal results.

6. How long is the treatment?

Most Cooltech™ treatments take 70 minutes, however smaller treatment areas may be shorter. Bring a book or iPad as you won't be able to move around during the treatment.

7. When will the results be visible?

Maximum results will be visible 90 days after the treatment.

8. Is the result permanent?

Once you have achieved your desired fat reduction, the results are permanent for the areas treated. Obviously if you lead an unhealthy lifestyle you will put weight on elsewhere.

*Please note results may vary from person to person due to family history, age and different skin types.

9. What happens to the skin after the fat has been removed?

The Cooltech™ device works in a way that leaves the skin and surrounding tissue unharmed and you can return to your normal daily activities following treatment. Skin is naturally elastic and generally retracts back over the treatment area.

10. How much does it cost?

Cooltech™ is much more affordable than liposuction and doesn’t have the side effects or downtime associated with surgery. 

11. Are there any side effects?

Cooltech™ is a simple, non-invasive “walk-in, walk-out” treatment. Normal and temporary side effects associated with freezing fat cells that you may or may not experience include numbness, tenderness, swelling, itching and red skin at the treatment site. There is no down time, no surgery involved; you simply come to your appointment and afterwards resume your normal activities.

12. Am I a good candidate for Cooltech?

The majority of people who are generally within, or just a little over, their appropriate weight, but have fat bulges that don't respond to diet and exercise will get the best results from Cooltech™. It is NOT a treatment for anyone who is obese (BMI 30+) as it is not a "weight loss" treatment per se. If you are underweight (BMI under 18) or if you have lost a great deal of weight and have loose skin that isn't filled with fat deposits, then generally you are NOT a candidate.

There are some medical conditions that make fat freezing unsuitable. The best way to find out if you are suitable is to contact the clinic to book a no obligation consultation.

13. How is Cooltech different from other body sculpting technology?

CoolTech™ has six different applicators, which are individually designed to ensure that whatever area of the body is being treated, the maximum effect will be achieved with maximum safety. It is also possible for the operator to use two different applicators simultaneously, so more areas can be treated in less time. We are aware of a head-to-head comparison of the Cooltech™ with the other leading name in this field, Coolsculpt and there is no difference in results whatsoever, both machines are equally effective.

Cooltech™ is the most advanced fat freezing system due to the different applicator heads and dual hand-pieces. This is why we selected it for use at Phenotype Cosmetic Group.


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