Kleresca® biophotonic treatments are a no down time, non invasive treatment for acne, rosacea and skin photo-rejuvenation.

Kleresca has risen to prominence in the U.S. as the go-to treatment for complex skin conditions.

Kleresca biophotonic treatments are gentle and comfortable.
Being non-invasive, there is no destruction or removal of the skin’s natural barrier. The gel used during the treatment is not absorbed by the skin, so no substance in it can induce a photosensitive reaction. Therefore, heat and sun-exposure during summer time won’t cause any detrimental effects, making Kleresca® a treatment suitable for all seasons.


Skin Rejuvenation - $399

Rosacea - $299

Acne - $249

Packages are available.

Results achieved after a full course of recommended treatments. Individual results may vary. Always consult your skin therapist for the appropriate treatment plan.