The Mderma â„¢ micro needling device is a reasonably priced and highly effective modality that rejuvenates the skin. We feel it's one of the best options on the market today to freshen the complexion and skin tone.

Microneedling is a process whereby tiny little needles are run all over the skin to cause "micro-trauma" to the skin. This "micro-trauma" sets off a cascade of healing mechanisms in the skin, which includes the induction of fibroblast cells to start producing lots of collagen - the rejuvenating protein we start running out of as we age.

Microneedling leaves the skin a little red after the treatment which usually settles in approximately 12 hrs and is easily disguised with some mineral makeup. A handful of treatments is often all it takes to start seeing some lovely results as your skin becomes dewy and clear.


Face (treatment ampoule + mask):
Individual treatment - $280
4 sessions - $999

Micro needling, ampoule, mask & LED: 
Individual treatment - $300
4 sessions - $1,100

Microneedling and soothing Bioalgenate mask - $300
4 sessions - $1100

Face, neck, & décolletage: 
Enquire on other packages available

Procedure time
45 - 60 minutes

Recommended plan
4 treatments every 2 - 4 weeks

Time for results
Results are seen after the second treatment

Downtime / aftercare
1-2 days of slight redness which can be covered with mineral makeup. Slight dryness for up to 5 days