The Plamon Plasma fibroblast treatment has arrived at Phenotype.

Plasma is ionized air atoms. Essentially this machine creates a controlled thermal injury to the skin, resulting in tightening and lift.

The art to effective results is creating vectors of tightening in the skin - that’s up to the skill of your therapist. 

Plasma treatments can be used anywhere on the face, neck or body to tighten aged and tired skin. 

Plasma can also be used to remove (non-suspicious) skin blemishes too. 

Plasma Pen

Upper Eyelids - $800

Crows Feet - $400

Top / Bottom Lip - $400

Nasolabial (smile lines) -$400

Jowl - $600

Forehead Lines - $500

Neck Lift - $1500

Belly Button Area - $800

Full Stomach (2 A5 sized area) - $1000

Stretch Marks (A5 sized area) - $500

Skin Tags from - $80