Protein-rich Plasma (PRP)
Natural Tissue Cell Renewal

Phenotype offer a unique treatment for both skin rejuvenation and also to assist with hair-replacement on the scalp. We have researched the various systems on the market and we overwhelmingly feel the Emcyte Pure™ system is the very best.

This treatment involves platelets. Platelets are cells in our blood that promote tissue regeneration by producing copious growth factors. We harness these little growth factor-rich platelets using the EmCyte Pure™  system. Blood is taken from a small arm vein and centrifuged in a proprietary vial that concentrates the platelets more than any other system.

We take out the platelet-rich portion and treat immediately, right when the growth factors are fresh and ready to go. We find injecting in to the skin is much more effective, but needling can also be an option.

This beautifully natural, regenerative treatment can also be used to stimulate "sluggish" hair follicles in the scalp to produce new hair. This does require regular treatments to maintain hair growth.


Pricing for doctor-performed injections
1 session - $650
2 sessions - $999
3 sessions - $1250

Pricing for dermal therapist needling of plasma
1 session - $399
2 sessions - $599
3 sessions - $799

Procedure time
approx. 60 minutes

Recommended plan

3 treatments total, one every 4 weeks

Time for results
Results are seen after the first treatment

Downtime / aftercare
Up to 5 - 7 days of bruising if injected, but for needling only 12 hours of moderate intensity redness.